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Life Infusions and Life Aesthetics.  Where beauty meets wellness
Life Infusions and Life Aesthetics.  Where beauty meets wellness


LIFE INFUSIONS offers you powerful treatments designed to maximize your performance, energy and cognitive function.  

Whether you are dealing with a particular health problem or simply want to maintain optimal wellness,  you can benefit from highly effective , therapeutic nutrient infusions.

Guided by years of experience with infusion therapies, Dr. Mark Rawson has developed ideal IV formulations and protocols that can be customized for your individual needs. part of LIFE Aesthetics we also bring you expert physician-administered cosmetic procedures, including BOTOX, Dermal Fillers, Microneedling, Lifting and Filling Threads and Hair Restoration.




Client's Testimonials

"I’ve been so excited to try out our neighbors at Life Infusions! I was able to test out their new ozone infusion and it was an amazing and educational experience. I was able to listen to Dr. Rawson explain the exceptional benefits to this infusion therapy. It helps reduce inflammation, balances and strengthens the immune system (flu season who!), and improves blood flow, just to name a few! This infusion took under an hour and will leave me with lasting benefits. I recommend trying this new holistic approach to wellness in Superior!"

Keara Radtke 

"I have never given thought to receiving an infusion, because I didn’t know the benefits. Well, let me tell ya… I have now had two infusions and I feel a lot better. I tried the Myers cocktail which replenished the nutrients that I was lacking & the Ozone treatment has many benefits. As someone who has Asthma, before receiving the ozone treatment I was experiencing sinus issues, post nasal drip and a tender throat. I noticed shortly after receiving the infusion my breathing improved, my sinuses were cleared and I felt more energized. I highly recommend this treatment especially if you have Asthma, sinus issues, &/ or want to boost your immune system. Thank you Life Infusions for your kind customer service and for helping me feel better.!"

Sharita Turner

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